Rossiter in Melbourne FL

Rossiter is fascia work that targets Spot Pain- “my knee hurts.” “My hip hurts.” The session takes 10-15 minutes and will help relieve even the toughest aches and pains.


Mat Work

Rossiter is mat work. The client lies on a matted platform. If their knee hurts, the therapist places a foot on the side of their leg and applies pressure. The client moves their foot as instructed. Then the client gets up and walks down the hallway. As the client walks the knee and leg has changed and the pain is either gone or greatly reduced.

How Rossiter Works

How does Rossiter Work? What is the theory? Tight fascia changes your body structure thus, causing pain. Your body’s connective tissue tightens and shortens with age, overuse and injury. Rossiter system warms and releases the fascia in the structural grouping of the pain. The body grouping is the kinetic movement chain from the toe to the hip or the hand through the neck. Rossiter corrects the inflamed body structure and the client feels that change immediately. Chronic, longer lasting issues may require a couple sessions to get your body back to where you want and occasional sessions will help maintain that improvement.

Rossiter Fee Schedule:
  • 15 minutes $20.  (Usually one pain area)
  • 30 minutes $40  (Usually two or three pain areas)
Contra indications and Cautions:

1.  You need to have pain killers out of your system within 12-24 hours of your session.

2.  If you have had cortisone shots or surgery expect to have compromised results as someone without the shots.

3.  Allow up to 6 months for scar tissue formation after surgery.
4.  If you have cancer it should be in remission.
5.  As with massage, work should never be done with open wounds, rashes, sores, contagious diseases or cancer.

What Can Rossiter Help?

*Carpal tunnel syndrome
*Low back & hip pain
*Stiff necks
*Frozen shoulders and sore arms
*Foot pain
*Heel spurs and plantar fasciitis
*Knee and ankle pain
*Tight calf muscles & hamstrings
*Tight quads and IT bands
*Restless/jumpy legs
*Hand & thumb pain
*Headaches & migraines
*And more!

Rossiter is a system of unique techniques which target the body’s connective tissue, a head-to-toe network of fascia, ligaments and tendons that hold everything within the body together. Connective tissue in a healthy body is typically not tight; however, a body that has connective tissue that is overworked, stressed or tired can be shortened and tight. Think of connective tissue like the body’s system of “space”. A potential lack of “space” is evident with symptoms of pain, stiffness and the inability to move easily. Rossiter workouts loosen tissue and gives it back the “space” it needs to work freely. The resulting symptoms of tight connective tissue can include:

*Buzzing Sensations
*Range of motion loss

What is a Session Like?

Dress comfortably if possible; Rossiter is a two person connective tissue stretching session with stretches done on a mat. The coach will slowly add pressure/weight to your treatment and talks you through the exercise to be done. You and your coach work together as a team to help you achieve the most effective stretch. Each stretch takes 10-30 seconds to complete. They are powerful and can be intense. If you like deep work, you’ll love the Rossiter stretching workouts. Our age groups range from teenagers on up!


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