Essential Vortex Experience

EVE - Essential Vortex Experience

This is the purest form of connective tissue work on the planet. Experience real pain relief fast.

Headache Treatment

What is EVE?

Connective tissue or fascia surrounds every cell in our body. When we experience pain, it’s because the fascia or connective tissue system is telling you YOU’RE TOO TIGHT! EVE works on the whole Connective Tissue System at once, not in parts, not in pieces, but on everything, everywhere.

  • It’s Quick
  • It’s Easy
  • It’s Not Invasive
  • Virtually Anybody Can Learn How To Do It!

What Hurts?!

Have you ever been excited about pain? The answer is… I don’t think so! But what could really excite you is about getting rid of pain, especially that long term stuff that’s been around forever. So let’s show you how it can be stopped.

5 Point Assist with 2 Points as Extras

Create space with a 5 point system of vortex movement and lengthening of the body’s system of space, the fascia. The practitioner assist’s the client’s movements through dynamic rocking.

Lengthening tissue removes pain. Tissue that is the proper length doesn’t hurt. Feeling, is believing.


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