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Reduce Chronic Pain

It is possible to reduce chronic pain you may have experienced for years.  Therapeutic  Medical Massage Group is committed to using the latest technology and techniques to help you gain your life back from pain.  When you are looking online for “Pain Management Melbourne FL” call us first!

Pain Management Melbourne Fl

Pain Management Melbourne FL - Listen to Your body

Our bodies tell us what’s wrong though pain. They want to tell you what’s happening so you can correct it and move on with life.  But for many Americans, we simply learn how to deal with chronic pain on a daily basis, assuming there is no option other than a surgery to correct it.  Therapeutic Massage Group is here to change that notion, and help you reduce pain every day.

We often find new clients when they are searching online for “Pain management Melbourne FL”, because they have finally hit a breaking point.  Many of our clients have spent years dealing with pain and simply cannot bear it anymore.  We are grateful for every new client we meet, because we are so confident we can not only change their life through pain management, but truly increase their overall quality of life in the long run.

What Causes Pain

Simply put, we cause our own pain.  Many people do not want to hear it, but in reality our habits, diet, actions – everything really, have led you to where you are today.  Sports, work habits, a minor or major injury, and more can be attributed to pain you feel today.  Some of these actions may be within your control, and some not.  What is in your control however, is how to combat this pain and heal your body over time.

We really believe surgery should be the last thing a person does when dealing with pain.  There are many ways our bodies can heal naturally, and you owe it to yourself to explore these avenues.  Regardless of whether you work with Therapeutic Massage Group or not, explore options.  Yoga, stretching, exercise, lifestyle changes can all lead to reduced pain in your life.  In addition to physically treating the pain you are experiencing, we will help set you on the right path to having better habits and actions to further reduce your pain.

Most of our daily aches and pains are related to connective tissue, that network of fascia, ligaments, and tendons that more or less holds the body together. “It’s like millions of strings that interact with each other on every plane,” Dr Rossiter was quoted as saying. We believe in it’s ideal state, these tissues are not to flexible or too tight.  You need to find the balance that is right for your body.

The Rossiter System - A Solution to Pain

In 1989, Rossiter started his workshops by going into factories, a common site for work-related injury and stress. With just a small core group of workers trained as coaches, the techniques could be taught to and implemented by other employees, resulting in a decrease of work-injury related absenteeism. But it’s not just for factory workers anymore. Anyone with a partner can practice these techniques. The whole kit and caboodle is laid out, with instructional photographs, in a book co-authored with his partner Sue MacDonald, titled Surgery Sucks!!!! Fix Your Body Without Needles, Knives, Scalpels, ’Scopes, Lasers … or Other Sharp Stuff! The title itself reflects the wit and entertainment within, but the work is serious and takes commitment.

Pain Management Melbourne Fl

Before you go under the knife to reduce pain, contact us at Therapeutic Massage Group. We are confident we can help you begin to reduce pain immediately and improve your overall quality of life.  Contact us today or follow us on Facebook.

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