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Massage Techniques & Body "Triangles"

Our goal is to help relieve chronic pain you may have been suffering from for years.  To do this, we use our years of experience and the best technology in the industry to get you real, pain free results.

Many of our massage descriptions refer to the “triangles”. This diagram shows where we will focus when referring to the triangles, which is key points on your body to bring you relief from pain.

60 Minutes for $60

Effleurage & Lymphatic Cleansing

For a gentle calming of the total body, neck, and feet

60 Minutes for $60

Deep tissue total body massage with special attention to triangles and feet. 

This massage utilizes: Trigger Point, Pointer, SMRT (Spontaneous Muscle Release Treatment), and Rossiter

90 Minutes for $90

Structural Correction of the total body.

This massage utilizes: SMRT (Spontaneous Muscle Release Treatment), Rossiter, Cupping*, Vibration, Pointer, and Hot Stones*

* Extra charges apply

30 Minutes for $40

60 Minutes for $60

Focused structural work of the foot and ankle.

30 or 60 Minutes

Injury recovery or affected body area