THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE GROUP OF MELBOURNE FLORIDA is now open in   Glenwood Plaza on Eber and Dairy.
The new location has 3 Theraplates for vibration therapy, a large Rossiter deck for Rossiter connective tissues release (the fastest muscle release modality in the industry) and massage rooms for both medical prescription massage and therapeutic massage.  Our  passion is correcting injuries and getting your back to an active lifestyle.    Our basic massage is very relaxing with attention to our client’s sensitivity.  However, most of our massages are Therapeutic Deep Tissue.
Therapeutic Massage Group is focused on listening to your health issues and providing therapy in a variety modalities in your single massage session.  A typical massage often starts with the Theraplate, moves to Rossiter and can finish with deep tissue, all in the single-session time frame.  Some clients also arrive and go directly to the massage table. Some clients simply drop in to use the Theraplates.
 We are here to give you the time and treatment needs you desire in one session.   Rossiter treatments usually take 10-30 minutes.  Massages vary from 15 min for headache treatments to 30 min for one area of the body.  Most full body massages are 90 minutes.
Our mission is to provide care for all of your muscle issues.  We allow time to listen to your concerns, together we develop a plan for your session and then we carry out that plan.  It is reasonable to expect that your first visit will probably take 90 minutes.  Any subsequent sessions could be less time depending on your massage goals.
Rossiter treatments are quick 10-20 min and eliminate weekend warrier pains for $20.  If you have a chronic pain issue you many need 3-4 treatments to eliminate the root cause of the issue.
We are dedicated to finding the right treatment plan for you and we look forward to hearing from you!!
For appointments call or text 321-831-5122
 We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!
THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE GROUP was founded in Wichita Kansas by Janet Kloes five years ago.  Last summer I sold the business to Janice Gibbs who is still in the beautiful Hartman Oil location.
 Janet and Jim then moved to Melbourne Florida to be close to their 10 grandchildren.   Family is good!

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